Rejuvi Hydrating Mask

Rejuvi Hydrating Mask

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This non-clay hydrating mask is specially designed for very dry or sensitive skin. This
mask eases tightness and reduces flakiness while drenching the skin in intense
moisture and vitamins. Summa extract and allantoin help prevent dehydration and
dryness. This mask also encourages the skin to use its own supply of fat to combat
• Intense Moisturization, Great for Dry &
Sensitive Skin
• Helps the Skin to Fight Dryness & Strengthens Water Resistance
• Eases Tightness & Flaking

Size: 2.3 oz 

Water, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sunflower oil, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, stearic acid, PEG 400 stearate, sorbitan oleate, suma extract, allantoin, lecithin, vitamin E, potassium sorbate, essential oil  

Apply evenly on cleansed face and neck with finger tips or brush.  Avoid delicate eye area.  Allow to remain for 20 - 30 minutes with cool water